4Moms Mamaroo

We got this as a kind of 'I've seen this and really like it, please would you get it for us?' kind of gift whilst I was pregnant. Boy am I glad we got it- it's fab.

Just watching Baby Squish happily swaying away as I tap tap away. It's a victorious kind of moment (for now).

He has pretty much loved it from very early on and has only gotten more used to it now that he is a few weeks older. He's responding more to the toys which dangle overhead and attempts full conversations with them, at times, appearing to be rather cross with them. goodness only knows what they've done to annoy him.

The several settings for speed and motion mean that he doesn't get too used to one kind of moment. I have to be honest and say that we haven't used the option of sound as much as i initially thought we would but then we haven't really used any kind of white noise options with Squish neither. It is still a really good feature to have. The addition of the AUX connection means you can play whatever sound you choose in addition to the ones built in.

Another feature of the Mamaroo which provicdes the hubby with much amusement is that it comes with a downloadable app allowing you to change the settings and switch on and off from your phone/ device. He's always found it hilarious when I respond with 'huh?! why has it switched off?!'

I suppose I just felt like I should gush over something other than Squish in a post. Oh but he does look so cute and sleepy right now. 

I'm coming, Squish!



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