Baby milestones

Here's the thing- I'm a teacher and now a mother. So, naturally, I'm all obsessed with milestones, achievements and in my little squish developing and hitting those milestones.

I have to say, I just feel so overwhelmed with pride and joy and all things cliché whenever he does anything remotely new. Everything about him is impressive. That is kind of inevitable given I kind of did grow him inside of me for months. Perhaps it's a kind of pat on the back to myself when he does something amazing. Either way, this little squish is just growing and changing so fast.

Today we have the milestone of reaching out with intent. I stuck out my hand for him and said 'hiii fiiiveee' in my most irritating new mum kind of voice. Behold, his tiny little hand reached out and flailed at mine. And then he did it again several times. Well. I could just eat him.

I feel a bit boasty but I'm not boasting about my genius baby. I'm just airing my affection for this squishy little stud.

Babycentre have a great milestone chart I have found useful.

Well done, my little squish. Now, can we nap?



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