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Not sure where this will go or how it will pan out but I am a new mum with a 7 week old little love who has finally settled to sleep and I'm quite enjoying the fact that I have a spare moment to just put my thoughts down somewhere.

I've been wanting to do this quite a while purely because I know that these moments are flying on by and I am terrified of not having captured them in anything other than photographs and videos. My thoughts, emotions, worries and solutions feel they need somewhere to settle and call home. After all, these moments will only grace me once...even if I did have another baby.

Uh-oh, a little grunt just came from the corner of the room. (Must learn to think quicker!)

Anyway. Today's thoughts; post-partum body image.

Being a new mum...ahh what a joyous occasion. Bloody exhausting though. 7 weeks post c section and I am finally able to get on the treadmill in between a nappy change or a feed with my mum watching the little one. Truth is, I'd love to be one of those 'hoorah, I'm all birthed out and now ready to get fit!' mums. I'm not. I'm pretty knackered from not sleeping, showers have become a luxury and my body still aches frequently.

I can't quite believe how rude people can be about a woman's body, particularly after she's given birth and especially the people who are the 'closest' to you. My advice to future me if I ever have another is this; it took 9 months to grow that belly, woman, now stop expecting it to ping back into place. Plus, it was never like I all that slim to begin with so what's the commotion?! Your body has done an amazing and completely terrifying job. Your uterus grows to something ridiculous like 100 times its size. Your muscles are exhausted and your skin will have been stretched to its limits. You will look different. People will have opinions and will unnecessarily voice them (some people just like to make themselves feel better in the comfort of shooting somebody else down).

I am fortunate and feel very blessed in that my husband is an amazing man who has been my rock and reassured me every step of the way but not everybody has this. I don't think I have ever felt as emotionally and physically fragile as I have done in the few weeks after bringing home my beautiful newborn. I'm slowly reaching a place where I am becoming able to wear clothes that are in my style; pre-horrid maternity work clothes stage. It's refreshing, albeit a size larger than I was before baby, I'm just chuffed to feel remotely presentable and feeling good about how I look is a bonus.

To round up my ramble...people MUST stop talking to new mothers about their figure. It is not your business, your problem or for you to offer 'advice' on. Good grief, women. How will we ever conquer the world when our inter-species conflict is so rife?



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