Losing yourself V's growing yourself

When a woman falls pregnant, every aspect of her is fully invaded. It's a fact quite commonly overlooked because of the general excitement and/or panic of becoming pregnant. Everything changes in that instance and your body stops functioning to serve you as its priority and  suddenly you're not just 'you', you're 'you with a bump'.

Then you have your baby and now, externally, you are instantly viewed as not just 'you' but 'you as a mum'.

Well, I have bones to pick with this. Did I die when I fell pregnant and peed on a stick? No. I made the decision to have my baby. I made the decision to be a mum but not at the cost of myself, rather, in addition to myself. Sure, I can't be as selfish and put myself first but that was an expected part of the package.

I still like the same music, enjoy the same movies, want to eat the same foods and go to the same places. I just now have a little bundle to involve in all this and one day he will have his own tastes in all these things. It's not a case of either/ or, it's more a case of as well as.

I am a wife, as well as a mother.
I am a teacher, as well as a mother.
I am a creative person, as well as a mother.
I am still me and now also a mother.

Oi, future adult Squish. Your mum was pretty cool before you were born, shens still pretty cool now. Even cooler with my trendy little Squish by my side 😎



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