'You'll spoil him.'

Read the title with obnoxious air quotes as intended.

Disclaimer; I know that people mean well and want to share their experiences but parenthood is too subjective and too precious for assertive advice to be taken on board without defensive natures coming into play.

Since I've had Squish, I have been told and heard people being told various times that consoling, cuddling and holding my/a baby whilst he sleeps will spoil him. The theory that a newborn is born with the ability to manipulate you and has motives. How absurd?!

My little Squish has been in the comfort of a warm, wet environment and has been booped around all day, every day since his existence began. He hasn't been lying flat on his back in the moses basket in my belly. He hasn't been exposed to a cold breeze or a change in temperature. All sound has been muffled to him and now suddenly, here he is in this loud environment. What he is saying when he is crying isn't 'hey, if I scream, I know you'll come to me' he's saying 'help me, please... I don't know what's going on'.

And if it weren't for all that, I'd probablg still cuddle him because I ruddy well want to. I want to love him and adore him and I want him to know he's the most precious thing I've ever held.

So, adult Squish, I apologise if I spoilt you as a baby. I just love you so incredibly much that I love the sound of your sleeping giggles against me and how you wriggle your hands and grab a hold of my top. You little angel.



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