The rather significant other

I'm certain by this point that my hormones are not to take credit for the mush I am about to type.

When people say 'other half' or 'partner' we usually don't feel any kind of way about it. Well, It isn't really anything I think too much about. I have been today though and for quite a while now.

I always feel incredibly blessed, even on the days where I'm too stressed or exhausted to vocalise it and am just being grumpy. I have an incredible family (all with their wonderful quirks as any) and over the last three years my husband has become the eye in our storm of a family if you will. Well, for me anyway.

I had an amazing pregnancy and thoroughly enjoyed it but I have an incredibly stressful job with long hours and many demands both physically abd mentally. Anxieties were all there and so were a vast array of emotions. Through it all, I knew that there was no way I could handle (let alone enjoy) being pregnant had it not been for my brilliant husband.

His trust in my instincts helped us take that little push and go to MAU that night. His calm and supportive nature got me through hearing I needed an emergency C section and all that came after. I mean, I literally couldn't stand without him at. A fair few points. My anchor.

So, adult Squish- you should know that although it was mummy who you grew inside, daddy was a hero along the way and watered your mummy like a plant but with love. What an amazing husband your super daddy is. Even if he can't EVER put his shoes away in the right place. I hope he gave you the wonderful gene of kind heartedness and one day you will make your wife feel this overwhelmed.

Ah, shucks.



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