Post-partum skin and beauty solutions

When I did a little (read: A HECK OF A LOT) research, there was plenty of information about caring for skin during pregnancy and what you should and shouldn't be using. There was also a fair few websites telling me that carrying a girl meant worse skin than usual and carrying a boy meant better skin than usual as one of the gender prediction mythy-bobs. I wonder if there is, in fact, truth to this myth because I was carrying a boy and my skin was SO much better than usual.

Being a very busy teacher and a very exhausted pregnant lady meant that I became quite lazy during pregnancy with my usual skincare routine. I have the kind of skin that requires maintenance and if I neglect it, it shows in breakouts and dryness. I don't know how but somehow my skin remained pretty lovely during pregnancy regardless of the neglect I put it through.

As soon as Squish was out my skin took it as a sign to begin giving me hell. I have had at least one spot on my face at all times and the dry skin is back- fabulous. It matches my sexy eye bags perfectly. ;)

Here are some of the things I have found to help me hugely during the last couple of months. Once I mustered up the energy to start caring about my face after recovery from the section.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water:
I used to use BioDerma Cleansing Water as my 'get it all off my face quickly' step before I followed up with a proper cleanser but I thought I'd give Garnier a go and honestly, it does the job! Nowadays, fat chance am I going to double cleanse?! Chances are, if I'm wearing make up, I'll just want it off my face quickly before I have to go see to the baby who is just making his dad tear his hair out because nothing but mummy will do. I'm just grateful for anything that gets my make up off quickly. This does that so, yay.

Pixi Glow Tonic: 
I started to used this toner because I heard lots of reviews raving about it and my skin needed the 'glow' back so enter Pixi Glow Tonic. It's great and I really can't complain about it. It smells wonderful, removes any make up that's left behind after my half-assed rushed attempt at removing make up with the micellar water and leaves my skin feeling clean in a strange 'squeaky clean' kind of way that makes you feel like it is doing something wonderful to your skin.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair:
This is something I have used on and off for a good while and I have noticed that when I stop using it, my skin shows it. I have found it to help massively with the appearance of my pores around my cheeks and nose. It's also helped to reduce the visibility of some of the scarring left over from previous breakouts etc. It just kind of feels like your skin is becoming renewed once you've used it regularly for a while. 

Origins High Potency Night-a-mins:
I loved this night cream long before pregnancy anyway. It's so lightweight for a night cream but does such a great job at making my skin radiant and moisturised for the morning. My make up goes on so much better in the morning if I have used this the night before. Because I have skin that is prone to a breakout (or a million), it helps to not use a night cream that is super heavy and difficult for my skin to absorb. If you're not a fan of citrus smells, maybe give it a miss but I adore the smell of this as I do the whole Origins range.
Origins GinZing Eye:
This has been my go-to eye cream to give my under eyes a quick brighten and refresh in the mornings, even on no make up days. It contains 'caffeine from the coffee bean, Panax Ginseng, Magnolia Extract and natural optic brighteners' (taken from the Boots website). It works a treat to de-puff my under eyes and I love the smell of the whole GinZing range so this has been lovely to use.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid:
Everyone knows that new baby = sleepless nights= eye bags. I have spent most days not really caring much about make up but I have tried my best to make sure I do make plans to keep my sanity. Too much staying in wasn't for me. I'm far too used to being super busy and found that if I spent all day every day in then I would begin to feel down but a day out made me feel a sense of relief even if they were few and far between. On such days I do like to make an effort so that I don't frighten passers by, ha! I invested in the peach colour correcting fluid to cancel out the dark circles under my eyes and usually just pop my usual concealer over the top. It really does make a difference. Thanks, Urban Decay!



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