What I didn't need

Plenty of lists around telling tales of all that is a 'must-have' for a newborn.

Well, let me just make a note for myself here for any future baby arrivals I may or may not have, newborns are pretty basic in their necessities. And even those necessities are expensive. For most, maternity pay isn't great and saving for having as much time with baby as possible is the most important. So here's what I have done just fine without for the last 3 months.

1. Crib
We didn't get or need a crib. Baby slept in moses basket beside our bed and recently graduated to his cotbed with us in a bed beside him. In all honesty, he'd probably be fine without us there but I am too anxious to leave him yet. Buy a cotbed when it's on offer. We got our mattress for free and found vouchers in a magazine for Mothercare so it bought cost down alot.

2. Mitts and/ or socks
If you're really tight with your budgets, you can get by without these for a while at least. This is because you will find that baby spends all their days in sleepsuits, most of which come with these attached. When baby is a little bigger and you start getting fancier with outfits, you will want socks. Mittens are a pain and, personally, we just don't use them. I like giving baby a chance to develop his skills with his fingers and honestly he rarely scratches himself. Plus they always bloomin' fall off. Pain.

3. Tons of bath potions
Seriously, I got enough bath lotions and potions to last me months. A newborn baby does not need daily bathing and even then, they need a teensy bit of bath stuff if even that. 

4. An expensive changing bag
Don't get me wrong, you will likely want one but it isn't something you have to fork out £50+ for. In all honesty, I still haven't found one I like and I just use a big Mickey Mouse bag I found in Primark to throw baby bits into to take with me when needed. It does the job for now.

5. Changing table
We didn't get one and haven't needed one. Admittedly, nappy changes were difficult post c section but hubby helped alot and I found it much easier having a changing mat I could just have wherever I was to change him. We have lots of built in cupboards in our bedrooms so plenty of storage space. Changing mats are £5+. Think about it.

6. Night light / room thermometer
Our Angelcare monitor has an in built nightlight and displays room temperature. Tick and tick. I probably will want a cute night light to fit the theme of baby's room later on but we're fine without for now.

7. A themed nursery prepared before birth
Honestly, your newborn is not going to judge your choice of decor! It is wonderful to be prepared before birth, yes but perhaps you can't afford to quite yet or simply don't want to. We didn't know the gender of Squish and didn't want a neutral room for him so we waited to do it. I intend on pintresting the heck out of it before I go return to work but honestly, he's indifferent anyway. If you can't afford to do a room up for the baby, just don't worry! Your life doesn't have to be a social media jpeg. Just love your baby...they don't care! So far he has spent 2 months in our room anyway and only just moved into what will be his room but we still have a bed in there so we can sleep beside him in the awkward too big for moses basket but too small to be by myself stage.

8. Nappy disposal bin thing
Use a regular small bin. Baby will dirty so many nappies that the small bin will get full and you(r hubby) will dispose of it in the outside bin regularly anyway. Screw paying for a bin and then by cartridges for it constantly.

9. A travel cot
We did get one of these but have used it so little up until now. This is something we just got whilst it was in the sale and we knew we'd need it later on. Tip: get one that you can raise and then drop later on so you can use it for longer and also doubles as a play pen.

10. Fancy bedding
My gosh is baby bedding pricey in the full sets! As I said, Squish recently moved into his cotbed. I managed to nab a set in the sale but if you're at a pinch, just the basics are absolutely fine. A fitted sheet and a sleeping bag albeit not very pintrest, do the job.

Don't let social media and marketing convince you that you're not measuring up to some kind of made up standard of good parent if you don't have all the products in the world. Parenting is loving and nurturing first and foremost. Remember what your parents had when they raised you or what your grandparents had before they raised your parents. Being a new parent is hard enough. Live a life that YOU can afford without any guilt. 



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