3 months of magic

I feel like I should update and document all of the wonderful things that Squish has been confidently been doing up until this point. At risk of sounding incredibly cliche, I truly can't believe how fast these 3 months have gone. I don't know where time has gone. Squish's first Halloween has gone by and first Christmas is approaching. Obviously with these times of year come the outfits of choice.

For Halloween we had the old chestnut of 'Mummy's Little Pumpkin' in orange onesie glory.

Christmas so far has bought us a knitted Christmas pud hat, a penguin hat that is just scrumptious on him and a onesie in the design of a pud with the emblem 'Mummy's Little Pudding'. Mummy hasn't intentionally left Daddy out of the loop, I promise. It's just that clever marketing knows that mummys are suckers for baba clothes.

So, milestones so far have been hit one after the other. He's so smart it blows me away!

Smiling, laughing and giggling is all so regular now. He's gurgling and cooing in conversation as if he's trying to tell the story of a battle he's just been in. He can bring his hands together and does bat at toys with hands and feet. He seems to grab things which are just below his hands, like a little T Rex, but isn't quite reaching out in front of him and using hand eye co-ordination confidently but I can tell that it is coming soon. Squish can roll back to front confidently now but does still despise tummy time for the vast majority of it and he's far more interested in sitting up. He can sit unsupported against the sofa back for a few seconds and if I hold his arms he can sit up for longer with a little support. He's grand discovery in the last few weeks has been squealing and he will squeal at anything and everything to the point where he even startles himself. It's pretty amusing!

His favourite toy at the moment is his O Ball set. I do love this set because it encourages him to grab, hold and bring things to his mouth which will help when it comes to eating. It's perfect for tiny fingers when he does his little dinosaur motions of movement. 

I really, really don't want to jinx it but sleep is going really well. He's totally settled in his cotbed and enjoys his night time sleep. However, daytime naps are the total opposite. He's really difficult to get down for a nap and some days will only nap when held. He just tends to fight his sleep and then gets incredibly cranky because he's so tired.

Everyone said to me that I would love him in a way that I have never loved anything or anyone and they were utterly correct. The relationship you develop with this tiny little thing that grew inside of you and is now all squirmy and giggly and loud is just amazing. I still say on a daily basis that I can't believe he came from me.

I am dreading returning to work, whenever that is. It's filling me with all kinds of anxieties. The only thing that makes me less apprehensive is knowing that I will be working to provide a better quality of life for this little Squish of mine and to set an example for him and show him what's possible from life. 

Oh Squish, when you are older and your old mum is all emotional over how tiny you once were, be gentle with her. Never forget how besotted with you both of your parents were. You're the most amazing thing to have happened to us and we can't wait for you to keep growing and blossoming into a wonderful individual. 



  1. Awww what a lovely post - my youngest is now 6 and I so miss the baby days!


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