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The lovely and very kind Mummy, Mrs and Me has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award and I think it is safe to say that unless I complete this post today, the chances are my 'mum brain' will totally forget to answer these questions and I think they're a fab way to capture little moments of past and present. A little something to look back on and reflect upon how I felt at this moment in time; a first time mum of a beautiful 5 month old treasure. (Sap.)

What’s the funniest thing your child has done so far? 
Honestly, he makes me belly laugh every day and has done since I could belly laugh without the fear of bursting my scar. (Delightful!) One of my favourite things has to be his attempts to purposefully make us laugh. He has the best chuckle and it just lights up something inside of me.

What was the worst thing about your pregnancy?
I'm so sorry for anyone who has had a difficult pregnancy but mine was a complete delight. No sickness and barely even caught a cold throughout. (Cheers for that, Pregnacare!) I had all the swollen feet and atrocious cramps in the middle of the night but nothing dreadful compared to what most of my friends have had. The very worst thing about my pregnancy would have to be the last day of it. Not feeling baby move was the single most terrifying memory of my pregnancy. Even on that day, I never thought in the slightest that a mere few hours later I would be in an operating theatre and there would be a baby Squish on my chest.

What is one thing have you bought for your baby that you now realise was a waste of money?

Hmm. I don't think there is anything! We were quite smart with what we got.

Who would you most like to retweet you?

Erm. Chrissy Teigen. God, I love her! #womancrush4lyfe

What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

Slow down and stop trying to plan out your whole life. Life has its own plan for you.

What one thing have you done that goes against all the parenting books?
Haha! Probably lots more than just the one. We cuddle/hum/rock Squish to sleep. Always have done. Nothing else works. He has a feed in the dark and gets cuddled until drowsy and then popped into his cot. He usually continues to hum to himself for a while and dozes off. That is his routine, he likes it and we like him happy. I'm not the slightest bit ashamed at all! Parenting books aren't for me. You can't put babies or parents into a box and expect a one size fits all method. We're all on our own journeys, finding our own quirky ways.

What makes you smile when you’re having a bad day?

Simple things. I love nothing more than a re-run of Friends. Squish makes me smile on a daily basis all by himself.

Where would you most like to travel (kid-free!)?

Dunno about kid free. I want to show him the world. Bit cheesy like that! We've promised ourselves a trip back to the Maldives for our next 'milestone' anniversary and I know we will do it.

If you could own one designer bag / shoes / item of clothing, what would it be?

I do love a good bag. It'd have to be Chloe/ Chanel/ YSL because these are probably the ones I would refuse to buy myself. I'm not great at spending money on myself so it's unlikely to happen! Ha.

What would you most like to achieve for yourself in 2017?

I'd love to be completely content with my work/life balance once my mat leave ends. I want to not let my job run my life and my life to take over in running my job. I would love to wake up not feeling anxious about how much there constantly is to do regardless of the endless amount of hours spent working. Yep!

Right then. My questions (rubs hands!):
1. Tell me about a 'trendy' parenting thing that gets on your nerves. Go on. Let it out!
2. What has been the biggest change in you since you have become a parent?
3. What's your opinion of designer everything for baby? (I'm talking highchairs and the lot)
4. What's the last photo on your camera roll of?
5. What's the best TV show of all time?
6. Does your child have a favourite song? (What is it? What is it?)
7. How old was your little one when you took your first holiday & what was it like? Just N/A if you haven't yet taken one.
8. Have you ever had a baby throw up on you just as you were about to leave the house and gone out with vomit on you anyway?
9. Tell me about one thing you feel passionately about. Anything.
10. What do you feel is the most significant thing that has shaped you to become the person you are today?

Answers on an...erm...never mind the postcard, a blogpost will do. Just ignore me if you've already done this thing. I'm a newbie to this whole tag business.

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