Dear Son

I saw something a few days ago that made me feel an odd kind of way. Not quite angry but not far off. Not quite upset but a little on the way to it.

It might sound daft but I was in the toy shop and I saw shelves full of toy prams all packaged in their cardboard glory sporting pink or blue (because the world must know the gender of your child through their attire even if it is pretty pointless and doesn't affect their life in any way) when I just had a wave of 'huh' wash over me. Not the confused kind, more the 'huh' this is how the world is kind.

On every box was a little girl. A little child. Playing with a toy pram. There's a few things wrong here, son. One of them is that children are children for such a little amount of time that we shouldn't busy them pretending to be little adults. They have the rest of their lives for that. Another is this...prams are capable of being pushed by males as much as they are females. As are vaccum cleaners but more on that another time.

I hope you never grow up feeling that your sense of masculinity is challenged if you help the mother of your child push a pram. I hope you never doubt how amazing your father was and how unafraid he was to push your pram, carry you in your carrier, change your nappies and so much more. There is no greater man than one who respects and adores their family. Because this is sure of our lives, it is from family we came and with family we will go. I hope, in the deepest parts of my heart, that you will always hold your head high for being the kind of man who wants to spend time with his mum, his grandma, maybe even his sister one day without it making him any less of a man. Because son, you came from a strong woman who adores you and wishes to instil in you the respect that every woman deserves. And if one day you find yourself with a son who wants a toy pram, you hug him and say 'for now son you are to be the child yourself but one day you may have a real pram to push to your heart's content'.


Your rambling mum xoxo



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