Little life lessons

Son, one of the biggest pills to swallow in life is highly likely to be when you discover that the people you think are your friends are not all that you have built them up to be. And one of the most liberating discoveries you will make shortly after that is that when everything in life feels upside down and nothing makes sense, the people that you will always have by your side will be family. Crazy, noisy, wacky and

You will likely go through a phase in your teenage years where you consider us the enemy. Give it a few years. What feels like the end of the world right now is just the cusp of change.

As your mum, it's my duty to tell you that respect is a two way street. Saying this though, you don't have to agree with or even like a person to respect them. Sometimes the only respect a person deserves from you is for you to leave them out of your life and refrain from attacking them. Other times you will have other people who you respect enough to go far out of your way for. Know this, though. Some people that you may feel respect for in one way at the moment, may later go on to lose this form of respect.

When someone you consider to be dear slowly stops making the effort for you, don't worry. Life is a long and winding road and paths spread in so many directions that there is little guarantee that lots of people will choose the same ones as you. Here's hoping that your path is one where your mind is open and your heart is full, regardless of how crappy others may be to you.

People who are determined enough will always find a way to put you down even when your life may feel the best it has ever been. People who do this kind of thing are people who have something lacking in their own lives and so have to make themselves feel better by knocking another who is getting what they want out of theirs. Be so busy loving those who love you that you have no time to hate those who hold any bitterness for you. Be so damn happy and positive that it winds them up. And when their words get you down, don't let them keep you down because your world is full of people who love you. A mother, a father, a grandma, an uncle and so many cousins.

So remember, if someone has to express their opinion on you vocally enough to get you down, chances are that you're doing great. Never let anybody make you feel that you are alone. Never let anybody make you feel that you are unimportant or not good enough. Never let anyone else's measure of what is good enough define you. You are you. You are loved and important more than you can imagine. You are brilliant and have been from the moment that you started as a speck. And you will always be my greatest, proudest achievement. (If you have siblings one day, you will have to share this spot with them, though. ;) )

And, finally... kill them with kindness.

"Kindness is in our power, even when fondness isn't." ~ Samuel Johnson



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