The big 1st birthday bonanza

Hi again, Squishasaurus.

It's almost your first birthday and even as I type this I feel a sense of 'this isn't real' occuring inside me. Alot of what is written within this blog is just your crazy mother pouring her heart out and sounding like a right old sap. You should know that that is because I am indeed a sap but also because it is within those most vulnerable moments of mine where I want to capture how beautiful your upbringing is and how fortunate we are to be able to provide you with such a life.

We went to choose your card and true to form your mother had a moment in the aisle at Clintons where her eyes welled up and she fanned her face whilst saying 'oh gosh, I am such a mess'. I know that everyone says it but truly, I have no idea how time went by so quickly and you are almost ready to celebrate being the big ONE!

You do so many hilarious things like brushing your hair with the wrong side of the brush and flashing us that goofy little smile to let us know how proud you are of yourself. Or stacking the rings on the floor because you got annoyed with the post and banged it about.

To the world you'll now be a toddler. To us you'll never stop being our beautiful baby boy. Thank you for a wonderful year and for making us feel a love beyond our wildest dreams, little prince.

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