Juggling work, home and parenthood

I'm two years into this juggling act and along the way I've found some things on my journey that if someone had told me two years ago, I would have been very grateful for!

I have a busy and demanding job which doesn't stop when I leave work, so balancing my time and energy in order to be a good teacher, a good mother and a good wife (along with all the other hats we all wear) has been an interesting juggle.

I figure someone somewhere may be at the start of their journey and may appreciate some of these things so I will write them down;

1) Meal prep- and I mean buy yourself a chest freezer and pre-cook things you crave and enjoy eating as much as you can. This has worked for us as a family massively because we can defrost and have a healthy meal without fuss after long hard days. We do this for the tot too and I always have done ever since he was on purées. You can freeze SO many things.

2) If you don't have one, buy a tumble dryer. I don't know how I would have survived the million laundry load life if I had to air everything out.

3) Let go of your guilt. So what if your house is a mess one weekend because you have gone out instead?! It will wait. Go out- with your child, without your child. Give yourself small things to look forward to and you will feel more motivated in the run up.

4) Vanish- buy it. Stockpile it. You will need it. Trust me.

5) Reserve any energy wherever possible- sometimes this comes in the shape of a product e.g. The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep and the Steamer and Blender saved me hours of effort, other times it has come from allowing others to help with little things because my energy levels have been so low that I was nearing empty.

6) Have a basic routine so you feel accomplished. E.G. My laptop does not get opened for work until tot is in bed as a general rule. This means I can come home from work and switch off, play and bond and settle back into work after if I need to.

7) Buy good coffee.

8) Maintain a hobby- in between all the working and parenting you can so easily lose what you feel makes you who you are. Maintain a simple hobby and you feel instant gratification.

9) Something I wish I had done- go on holiday when you're on maternity leave (especially if you're a teacher!) Much cheaper!

10) Do everything the night before. Pack every bag and lunchbag and have outfits for the next day ready. Never, ever enough time in a morning.

11) Don't feel pressured to have big parties for little children. They won't remember them and won't be punishinf you for not hiring out a hall for when they were still pooping their pants. Do what works for you. If you want to then why not but if you don't, it's really not that deep.

12) Take lots of photos. When you're so busy working, sometimes you feel down about how much you miss. On days like these, photographs of the lovely moments you haw had together might help to hold you up. It certainly has worked for me.

What works for you and your family? Every journey is so unique that we could all take something from each other for sure! 



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