The parenthood 'dementors'

I've realised so much about parenting in the last two years. Naively, I always thought that parenting was your own mission before I had a Squish. I've quickly realised how wrong I was. It's everyone's mission. With each mission having its own aims. A bit like we're all in the same lesson with the same objective but we've given ourselves different success criteria. (Hello, teaching degree!)

A while ago somebody who was telling me their toddler is Power Rangers mad was later telling me that Peppa Pig is dreadful and all they do is teach how to be mean to your dad. Now, let me tell you, I am not overly attached by any means to snorting and Miss Rabbit hogging all of the jobs in the village but at least they're not teaching him physical violence, right? I could give less of a monkeys what someone elses child watches on TV, I have enough things about my own to worry about, but the rapid commentary at what my child watches was...what's the word? I'll let you think of one ;)

These people, I would like to dub as the dementors of parenthood. They swoop in, suck out the fun and leave you feeling flat as shit ran over by a tractor. These are the same people who will judge you for bottle feeding, will ask you questions like how it is being a full time working mum knowing full well nobody is going to respond with 'oh yea, it's a piece of piss', will just generally have everything a little more in control than you clearly do because let's face it, your child is over there eating non-organic raisins whilst theirs is having avocado. Well, Azkaban is certainly due to be full of us if that is what parenting 'fails' looks like.

Validation is a whole other story for another day but any validation which somebody requires and obtains through making out you are doing a rubbish job is a reflection of someone else's low self-esteem and personal issues moreso than your own 'performance' as a parent. In actual fact, parents don't receive appraisals, nor is their performance indicated via any external means. For some people, success is measured by their child's academic grades, for others their child's ability to perform on a stage, for some it is as simple as their child having manners. All of this is OK. We are fully allowed to reward ourselves for keeping a tiny human alive and catering to their very basic needs. BECAUSE IT IS BLOODY HARD.  So do not ever let a dementor tell you how you should be raising your child; everyone can have their shot with their own. Parenting is a crazy, fun journey. How long will they really be this size? How long before I MISS the pig on the telly? How long can your child you are stressing about not giving up the dummy actually be bothered to have the dummy? How long will they want to get into your bed before you are desperate for those cuddles and miss them? Don't ever regret not doing things your way because you were keeping up appearances for somebody who is simply insecure and needs to put others down. 

P.S. Future adult Squish- I do hope there is something as obnoxious as the Peppa on telly when you have your own. ;) x



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